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Handy Small Farm Tools you can make yourself ! Advertisements

Raising Ducks for Meat and for Eggs !

Also known as duck Ducks. Ancestors Came from North America is a wild duck (Anas mocha) or wild mallard. Continuous dijinakan by Humans to be maintained is now Called duck Anas domesticus (duck). Concentrated duck internationally in countries of North America, South America, Asia, Britain, France, while in Indonesia, centered in PulauJawa duck (Tegal, Grebes, […]

Fun Cool Farm Game . ITS FREE TO PLAY !!!

Got some extra time on your hands . Wanna play around at farming or gain a bit of experiance ? I found this little game to be very entertaining ! and even more . it was educational ! Check it out !

Simple Perfect Water Recycler !

Simple Perfect Water Recycler !

In Desert Regions water is vital . Wasting it is not an option . Here is a simple lil cure for a least a small part of it !

We love this chicken coop !!

We love this chicken coop !!

Easy to build coop ! and he will give you the blue prints for free !

Easy $20 raised bed

So I needed a new raised bed for a few onion sets . I wasn’t going to spend allot to do this , So simple answer . I bought to 2x6x8 boards at a cost of $15.00 for the two . Then added soil and steer manure mix cost $3.50 . And the rest was […]

Cheap and Easy Worm Bin!

Cheap and Easy Worm Bin!.