Easy $20 raised bed

So I needed a new raised bed for a few onion sets . I wasn’t going to spend allot to do this , So simple answer . I bought to 2x6x8 boards at a cost of $15.00 for the two . Then added soil and steer manure mix cost $3.50 . And the rest was tax !!!

So I cut the boards down to 4′ each by cutting the boards in half . Then simply screwed them together and placed my new lil raised bed in the spot I wanted. I now had a my raised bed . I laid newspaper down as weed block underneath then filled it in with dirt and compost steer mix .

WORKED PERFECT! for the lil onion garden . Image


One comment

  1. Perfect! I’m a 6th grade science teacher and these would be perfect outside my classroom. Just running it by the school committee now…and the town maintenance dept. I like the small size because we could easily add more as the project grows. Next step is to start the gardening project at the elementary school. I did a pilot gardening last year and planted potatoes in the Spring…mulched them like crazy and harvested in the Fall. The kids found the mass of each potato and graphed the results, compared the mass of the seed potatoes with the mass of our harvest and compared data on 2 varieties…oh yes, and in Social Studies the researched the origins and history of potatoes!

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